That bloomin’ Banana

The banana, after two winters of wrapping it in Christmas lights, has finally started to produce a bud! I noticed a “flag” leaf comming out a few weeks ago. The flag is a small leaf that comes right out on the flowering stem. It looks like flag or the shape of your hand. I can’t wait to see the stem and the blooms. The bananas are not very edible because they are full of seeds but I am sure they birds and animals will enjoy them. I may also try to germinate the seeds, too.


10 Responses to “That bloomin’ Banana”

  1. shedoesliving Says:

    That’s pretty awesome I never you could grow them indoors. Do they require a lot of heat?

    • Arthur in the Garden! Says:

      Here in Raleigh, NC, you just have to keep the trunk from freezing solid. So wrapping it with burlap or creating a cage of wire and filling it with straw usually will work most winters. Last winter was so mild that only the leaves were hurt but the trunks grew new leaves as soon as the weather warmed in March.

  2. steven1111 Says:

    I”m sure your local wildlife loves you if you grow banana seeds for them to munch on. That’s very thoughtful of you! 😉 Good luck with it. We can’t grow them well here in Seattle. Take care,

    • Arthur in the Garden! Says:

      Thanks, Steve. There is not much to a Basjoo banana. A little bit of pulp and very tiny seeds. I have discovered that the birds do enjoy ripping off strips of the “banana bark” to use in their nest!

  3. micahlmartin Says:

    I’d love to see some pictures if you have any.

  4. LubbyGirl Says:

    It would be so great to have a banana tree; the only place I’ve seen one around here is at the butterfly farm, where they keep the temps at tropical levels all the time. Hope you find the pictures soon!

  5. elenawill Says:

    Cool gardening project!

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